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Protek Electrotechnics; it has the following documents as institutional:

  • Chamber of Electrical Engineers Office Registration Certificate
  • ISO 9001 Certificate (IAS)
  • ISO 14001Certificate (IAS)
  • ​​​​​​​ISO45001Certificate (QCS)
  • TÜRKAK Type A Inspection Agency Accreditation Document


Protek Electrotechnics; The Electrical, Electrical-Electronics and Electronics-Communication Engineers, who are employees, have the following documents.

  • Chamber of Electrical Engineers 1 kV Over and 1 kV Over SMM Certificate
  • Operational Responsibility Certificate in Electric High Voltage (HV) Facilities
  • Grounding Authorization Certificate in Electrical Installations
  • Electrical Internal Facilities Inspection and Reporting Authorization Certificate
  • Energy Analysis and Harmonics Authorization Certificate
  • Codic Protection Education Certificate
  • Certificate of Expertise Authorization
  • Participation documents of various trainings